Whether you are looking for a quality flagpole for your home of business we can meet your needs. We have installed hundreds of flagpoles. From the homeowner to the business owner, American Flag Shoppe has been busy installing beautiful, sturdy, flagpoles for customers all over central and eastern Pennsylvania.

If you need a flagpole installed, we can do it!

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Courtyard Series

Our standard one piece aluminum flagpole. Great pole for residential as well as small businesses. Features include:

  • 1 piece tapered aluminum shaft
  • Stationary aluminum truck, aluminum cleat, stainless steel fasteners
  • External halyard
  • Anodized aluminum ball (Eagle optional)
  • PVC ground sleeve
  • Sizes from 15' exposed to 35' exposed

Elite Series

Same specs as the courtyard series except for the following:

  • Revolving truck
  • Flash collar trim piece
  • Corrugated steel ground sleeve with ground spike
  • Sizes from 20' exposed to 80' exposed

Internal Halyard (Rope runs up the center)

Same specs as the elite series except for the following:

  • Flush access door with lock
  • Beaded sliding assembly
  • Revolving truck assy with Dual pulleys to allow the halyard to travel the pole internally

Choose the finish for your flagpole. From the Classic Brushed Satin to Jet Black Powder Coat. We have a finish to meet your needs.

Telescoping Flagpoles

Our Telescoping Flagpoles will fly without any ropes. Easy to remove for storage. Perfect for home, campers, going to the races or your weekend getaway!

The American Spirit

Our most economical flagpole:
"The American Spirit"

Our Stainless Steel Line -
Beauty for a LIFETIME!

E-Z Pole

If you don't need the height of the 15 foot flagpole, we offer our 13 foot E-Z Pole. Visit our online store for details.