About Our Flags

We carefully choose the quality of the fabrics used in our flags. Flag fabrics are subject to a unique set of demands. Flags must combine many opposing properties, i.e., they must be colorfast to both sun and rain, lightweight in construction, and have a high tensile strength. You can feel confident in any of the fabrics that we offer that you are purchasing not only a beautiful flag but a durable flag.

We use a heavyweight DuPont Solarmax nylon. It is the longest lasting, fade resistant nylon available. With a combination of strength, brilliance and quick drying ability, it is suitable for a wide range of applications. Great in rainy areas, its light-weight and close weave enable it to fly in the slightest breeze, giving the fullest visual effect.

G-Spec Nylon
The G-Spec line of flags are identical to those that the U.S. Government has specified. Exclusive Perma-Nyl industrial strength 70 denier lightweight nylon, Lock-stitched seams, material and color matched thread. Heavy duty canvas heading and official Government size (1:1.9) host fly ratio. The sizes of these flags may seem a little unusual, but they are made to the "official" dimensions.

Made of 100% spun polyester, its 2x2 ply construction combines durability, strength and a deeper red than the nylon. Very similar in appearance to a cotton flag but much more durable. Takes a little more wind to get it to fly then a nylon flag, but should give a little extra life in windy areas.

Hercules polyester is the perfect choice for areas prone to severe weather conditions as the open weave design really stands up to the weather. Hercules polyester is bright and beautiful and holds its brightness longer than traditional polyesters.

For many years cotton was the standard for flag fabric. With the introduction of Nylon and polyester, cotton has taken a back seat to the more durable fabrics. We do not recommend cotton for extended exposure to the elements, however, for a traditional look on a "Betsy Ross" Flag, it may fit your needs.

Cotton Tea Dyed
Our Elizabeth Ross heritage line of flags are the best looking "antiqued" flags to be found. A 100% cotton flag is stained using a tea solution to give it an antiqued appearance. Both the 50 star and Betsy Ross styles are available with grommets or sleeved. The heritage line also includes full fan and mini fan bunting as well as the new tea dyed garden flag