House Mount

If you are looking for a flagpole that will look great year and year look no further. There is no other material that equals Stainless Steel for retaining its beautiful finish. Each flagpole shaft is spun and sanded to a lustrous satin finish.

With a wall thickness of .065 and a heavy duty cast aluminum shield bracket, this pole will stand up to anything mother nature has to offer. This flagpole is our own design and manufactured at our facility. YES, manufactured in the U.S.A. Imagine that!

Flagpole Components

Heavy Duty Powder Coated Cast Aluminum Bracket will stand up under the most severe conditions. Includes quality stainless steel screws.

Gold anodized ball is standard. Rotating flag collar keeps the flag from getting wrapped up. It has easy to use nylon clips.

Gold Painted Eagle is optional. NOTE: Under some conditions the flag can get caught on the eagle. Please keep this in mind.

Our exclusive concrete base provides a no mount system.